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OSHA COVID National Emphasis Program Effective Immediately

It seems like the news about OSHA’s actions concerning COVID – 19 are coming at a rapid pace. This is the second bulletin this week to update you on the latest developments. This bulletin will focus on OSHA’s issued National Emphasis Program (NEP) on COVID – 19. The NEP went into effect on March 18 and remains in effect until further notice.

              The NEP may not be the last action taken by OSHA concerning COVID – 19 since President Biden’s January 21 Executive Order also directed OSHA to consider an emergency temporary standard (ETS) by March 15. As of the preparation of this bulletin, OSHA has not announced its intention to issue an ETS. For now, employers need to be aware of the NEP and the fact that it, among other things, provides OSHA probable cause to conduct workplace inspections concerning steps taken by employers to protect employees from COVID – 19.

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Gary Auman, of Auman Mahan & Furry will be covering this issue in greater detail during
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