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Sedgwick MCO Open Enrollment (Formerly CareWorks)

MCO Open Enrollment


May 3rd-28th is Open Enrollment and now is the time to make sure that Sedgwick Managed Care Ohio is your managed care organization (MCO) for OH workers’ compensation.  Sedgwick MCO (formerly CareWorks of Ohio MCO) is the Builders Exchange of Dayton’s trusted partner.  Sedgwick MCO helps our members navigate the workers’ compensation claims process, help employees recover and return to work, and control costs.  This is an essential component of our workers’ compensation program.

Your MCO plays a vital role in your ability to control claim costs, care for injured employees, and preserve options for premium savings.  MCOs are involved in every claim to organize the medical treatment, facilitate return-to-work, and process medical bills.  Sedgwick is Ohio’s largest workers’ compensation MCO, serving over 114,000 employers*. 

 If you already use Sedgwick MCO, no action is required on your part to maintain this important resource.  But if not, please complete the attached Selection Form or visit to enroll with Sedgwick MCO.  On the website you can also learn more about Sedgwick MCO and the importance of the MCO role to your organization and your employees. 


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*BWC Public Demographic Data, January 2021

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